All the experience of a big agency.
Without the big agency.

It’s getting a little tough out there isn’t it? Sales are as reliable as Jessie Ryder,  budgets are falling faster than the Greek stock exchange, and we’ve heard that some of the big agencies are discouraging long lunches on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Right now, ‘effectiveness’ is key. Debate about small versus large, or specialist versus fully integrated is irrelevant really. It’s about the quality of the people that actually work on your business, day in and day out. And even more to the point, how much it costs. Which brings you to us…

Each partner at Zephyr has spent many years at the largest of the large agencies. We worked on a hefty helping of New Zealand’s biggest brands. From Air New Zealand to Watties, from BNZ to Vogels, from Frucor to Lion Breweries. We helped build these brands. We were successful. But we were also part of a culture that thrived on self-importance and excessive indulgence. Too often, the priority was to make the agency the hero, not the client. We believed that was wrong. But more importantly, we thought it was an opportunity – to pack up our experience, wisdom and realistic view of the world and open the doors to Zephyr, an agency with the perfect offering for an increasingly imperfect economy. Smaller, nimble, and every bit as capable, both creatively and strategically, as the agency behemoths. And, it goes without saying, an awful lot cheaper too.

This is an agency for grownups.